Early Childhood Education

During Early Childhood Education, the emphasis is on educational learning through playful activity.

In Pre-Kindergarten (Jardim l), the teaching is carried out in Portuguese and in German in the same class. For students who have no knowledge of German, contact with the language is initiated here.

From Kindergarten (Jardim II), the children are divided into classes according to their native language, with the introduction of formal teaching of German to students without knowledge of the language.

The School also offers an Afternoon Follow-up.


Infant I and II

25 Weekly Lessons
7:30 / 12:05


Oral and written; German



Nature and Society

Visual Arts and Music

Physical Education

Educational Projects

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External Language Examination Certification – German, English and French
Projects and Studies
Admission of Students
Extracurricular Activities


The School has large classrooms, Chemistry, Physics and Biology laboratories, a Computer room, a woodwork room, ateliers of arts and ceramics and an experimental kitchen.
It also offers a multimedia library, sports gymnasium, children’s playgrounds, theater, canteen and cafeteria and a medical clinic.